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Why Choose Us?


Being a social enterprise, a portion of our profit will fund programs to empower and enable women in the community, especially those in need. You will be enhancing your company's, employees', or your own capabilities while supporting social community benefits.


  • We specialize in emotional intelligence, growth mindset and transformation. We have extensive technical expertise in transformation, change management, and continuous improvement in various industries and we specialize in the emotional intelligence, people development, and various soft skills to help enable your and your workforce to achieve higher performance.
  • Our training and development are designed to empower and enable participants to take action. They will not only be inspired to change during the training, consulting, or coaching, they will walk away with plans to sustain adoption of the skills, knowledge, and strategies they have gained from our engagement.
  • Our products empowers and enables individuals with time-tested and scientifically proven strategies and methodologies.
  • We customize your transformational journey based on your organizational or personal needs.  
  • All our services, with the exception of some facilitations services, can be completed online. In general, in person services would be ideal, however, the online option is feasible with almost all of our service offerings. You can build on the skills you or your team need now to help you thrive during these difficult times and beyond.
  • Our founder, Lily Yan, has over 20 years of corporate experience in leadership, people development, change / transformation management, and continuous improvement in various environment, businesses & industries. She is an expert in transformations that specializes in value/brand alignment and emotional intelligence.

Every business you do with us is Win-Win!