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Who We Are

Our Vision:

A world where we can all ignite and harvest our inner sparks and reach our full potentials

Our Mission:

To empower & enable all, especially women in need, to discover, embody, and share our inner sparks, and to successfully grow and transform.

Our Values:

Inspiration, Passion, Transformation, Sustainability, Community

Our Story:

Our Inner Sparks is a social enterprise that provides various products and services that empower and enable businesses and individuals through growth and transformations.

We dedicate a portion of our profit to support and fund programs that are designed to empower and enable women in the community, especially those in need or at risk, to ignite their inner sparks and support them through transformations.

Why Choose Us?

Our Products & Services:

Our Social Impact:

A portion of the profit from our products and services offerings will fund our programs for Social Impact to empower and enable women, especially those in need of support. WIN-WIN!

Our Founder:

Our Inner Sparks was founded November 2019 by Lily Yan, a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Emotional Intelligence Life Coach with extensive technical expertise and soft skills.


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