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Professional Services & Coaching

Having difficulties navigate through challenging times? Not sure where or how to start an improvement or transformation? Are you planning a transformation, undergoing a transition, or dealing with challenges after a change? No matter where you are on your transformational journey, we can help you increase your chances of successful and sustainable changes

Our Inner Sparks can support you through your transformational journey whether you are:

  • an organization/business,
  • team,
  • a leader, or 
  • an individual looking to make major changes,

To enable you and your organization to achieve your full potentials, our services and products combine:

  • technical expertise in continuous improvement and change management, as well as
  • emotional intelligence and growth mindset concepts.

Here are more reasons why you should choose us. Below is a list of our services and they can be customized to your needs. We can provide you more information through free inquiry.

Organizations, Business or Teams

Our Inner Sparks offers Consultation, Facilitation, and Training/Development

Transformation Consultation

We consult on and support transformations of any size and nature: operational improvement, process change, tool implementation, redesign of business model, re-brand, reorganization, culture change just to name a few.

  • Change or improvement opportunity assessment & identification
  • Transformation strategies that aligns to brand
  • Transformation plans that balances the needs of the customers, employees, and business/organization
  • Cultural transformation blueprints leveraging emotional intelligence concepts that enables optimal workforce performance
EQ & Change Leadership Training/Development
  • Leading with Resilience (*NEW*)
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (*NEW*)
  • Transformation & Change Management
  • Effective Leadership & Core Competencies
  • People Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Business Continuous Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma/5S)
  • Process Design & Architecture
  • Personal Growth & Transformation Mindset
    • Problem Solving
    • Team Building
    • Business Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma/5S)
    • Community of Practice
    • Women Empowerment
    • We specialize in organization growth and transformation and can be of support at any stage of your journey by combining concepts of Lean Six Sigma business continuous improvement as well as emotional intelligence and growth mindset.
    • We inspire and enable your leaders with EQ & Change Leadership skills to empower and support the workforce through growth & transformation to achieve sustainable changes and results.
    • We offer end to end transformations consulting services with our specialized change experts. Your journey can also be customized with our modular services as supplements to your current programs to maximize your success in these changes.

      Individuals and Leaders

      POWER UP with US! Our Inner Sparks offers Self-Improvement, Self-Actualization and Self-Care Life Coaching

      • Coaching focuses including but not limited to:
        • Career & Aspiration Development
        • Emotional Intelligence Strengthening
        • Change Leadership Coaching
        • Stress Management Skills
      • We incorporate concepts of emotional intelligence, growth mindset, and continuous improvement to empower and enable you to ignite and harvest your inner sparks, reach your full potentials, and realize your dreams.
      • We enable you to lead the change you want to see in the world by providing you tools and techniques to support yourself and others in times of change to achieve sustainable success.
      • We customize your personal growth and transformation journey with various personal life coaching packages and events along with guided inspirational products.


        Consultation, Training, Development, Facilitation

        FREE Offer

        Our Inner Sparks is offering a free 30 min consultation to help you kick off your transformational journey using our effective techniques. These consultation will be provided over the phone or in Zoom meetings. Let us help you! BOOK your free consultation now!  


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