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Ignite Our Inner Sparks Seminar Series

Life is not easy and most of us are struggling with some unhealthy level of stress, whether it's due to work, relationships, money, business or health. This is especially true since COVID-19 as all the struggles have compounded.

Are you struggling through these tough times? Don't worry, it's normal. How do we not only survive but thrive throughout these difficult times to live a fulfilled and happy life? Let us help you.

We are proud to be partnering with Idea Exchange to provide this program to everyone.

      Mastering Stress Management - A Panel Discussion

      Nov 17, 2020 (7-8 pm EST) Ignite Our Inner Sparks event:

      A video recording of this event will be made available soon.

      The end of the year is coming, and 2020 has been an exceptionally stressful year for many. With the holidays just around the corner, which often cause additional stress in our lives.

      We will be exploring various types of stress we have in life, how we should view them, and what we can do about them. Whether it's stress from work, kids, the school system, relationships, or isolation, we have to find better ways to manage to maintain our health. Join us for this informative and engaging session to gain knowledge on how to master stress management.


      Carole Sandy, MEd Counselling, MSc. (A) Couple and Family Therapist, Career Coach, R.S.W,  CaroleConsults Inc.

      Alicia House, MMT, MT-BC, MTA, RP(Q) , Certified Music Therapist & Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist, Whole Tone Therapy

      Laura Hughes - MEd is an Inner Connection and Self-Care Coach, Speaker and Facilitator


      Lily Yan, BASc(Mechanical Engineering), Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Life Coach, Growth & Transformation Leader & Coach, Founder and Executive Director of Our Inner Sparks


      This program is virtual and is delivered through Zoom. You only need to register once per viewing device.

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      Our seminar series will offer many inspirations and strategies from specialized coaches and professionals with diverse expertise to enable you to thrive in these tough times. Here are topics: 

      • Maintaining healthy mindset and staying motivated during crisis
      • Establishing healthy lifestyle, especially during crisis
      • Achieving more with a 12 week year
      • Expanding creativity through COVID-19
      • Mastering stress management
      • Sustainable changes by removing barriers that stagnates you
      • Debt and cashflow management
      • and more topics to come...

      The strategies shared will empower you to make meaningful and sustainable changes in life.  

      Seminar Feedback:

      "Diverse group of experts...each with their own perspectives. I liked the way the participants listened to and commented on each other/built on what others said. I really liked the moderator- she was involved and her smiles made me feel better!"

      "excellent moderator and selection of panelists"

      "It was positive and informative."

       "I liked the presenter's engagement with the topic/material; the mix of practical and theoretical info; concise presentation both verbally and with slides."

      These seminars will:

      • Be for anyone, men and women of any age, and are kid-friendly
      • Be led by specialized coaches and professionals with diverse expertise
      • Be in free during these tough times and eventually move into a Pay What You Can format to help sustainability of the program
      • Be online and/or in person as we move into the future
      • Require registrations and in-person walk in if space is available on the day
      • Have guaranteed free spots for women in need referred by partnering community organizations
      • Be offered quarterly at a minimum 


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