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Guided Journal Planner for Self-Actualization & Self-Care

Journaling and writing in a planner is an amazing way to put everything that’s in your mind, onto paper and write out steps to put your thoughts into action steps. SHOP AND ORDER YOURS NOW! Order on Our Inner Sparks website  or Pastel & Brand Colour options.

👉Do you want to discover your passion or live a balanced life and reach your goals?

👉 Our guided journal planner will enable you to ignite and harvest your inner sparks and guide you to transform, practice self-care & self-reflection, accomplish goals, and achieve your dreams one day at a time no matter how distant they may seem right now.

👉 It provides practical strategies, simple and proven approach, pro tips and flexibility to capture your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and progress.

We currently offer 2 versions both in executive size (7x10) with 16 weeks of weekly plans, daily journals, and weekly summaries. These journal planners emphasize the balance between your aspiration and your self-care. Drop a emoji in the comments if you snagged yours! ✨