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Community Empowerment Model

We leverage a community empowerment model for our social programs to empower and develop women.

We engage and develop female coaches, trainers, and professionals as well as women who have specialty skills or who have an interest to contribute to the community.

  • Those who have coaching and training experience could develop other  members.
  • Those who have expertise but have not formally taught could enhance their teaching and development skills.
  • Those who have interest to contribute can enhance their skills through their contribution to the community and learning from others

We have volunteering positions and are working towards some paying positions depending on funding of the programs and your experience and qualifications.


Why should you join?

  • Develop Yourself - Our Inner Sparks will have regular development sessions free of charge to the Dream Team members.
  • Empower Others - Dream Team members will have opportunities to help each other and others by sharing and supporting each other’s businesses, community involvement, and passion projects. 
  • Support Community - We will building a stronger community together.


    Contact Us

    Interested in teaching others using your own expertise?
    Interested in volunteering with the network locally in your own community?
    Want to join this community?
    Tell us about yourself and what interests and capabilities you have that could help the women in our community. We would love to discuss paying and volunteering positions.
    Press the Contact Us button that looks likeContact Us Buttonon the bottom right corner of your screen at any time to expand the full contact form.