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Featured Blog - Joy - Kindness is a great gift, share it and pay it forward

2020 has been an amazing journey for Our Inner Sparks. We supported many through these difficult times in the year and received tremendous feedback  for our contribution in the community. An example is the well attended and appreciated program, Ignite Our Inner Sparks Seminars provided in partnership with Idea Exchange, offering workshops and panel discussions on various self aspiration, self development and self care topics. We are extremely thankful so many experts and professionals who have joined us on this social program to enhance everyone's ability to thrive during and beyond 2020.

Our Inner Sparks is also very proud to be guiding our clients, individuals and businesses/organizations, through their transformation during these trying times with our expertise in growth mindset, continuous improvement, change management, leadership & emotional intelligence development.

One the most fulfilling programs we offer is the support of our pro bono clients to ignite and harvest their inner sparks and reach their fullest potentials. This blog is a feature of one those clients, Joy.

Joy is much like many of our target personal coaching clients, a woman of many interest and talents between the age of 25-50. She is vibrant and hopeful, but like many of our clients, she is unsure of how she can apply her many qualities, achieve her aspirations regardless of the challenges and her age, and ultimately live a more fulfilled life. What makes it more difficult for her to do all this is the fact that she is blind.  As a part of our social program, we were so glad we had the opportunity to assist Joy on her growth and transformation journey.

Our Inner Sparks offered Joy the Aspiration Development Coaching Package and acquired services from Jennifer Lyon, a Professional Photographer, and Kadine Cooper, a Career Transition Coach, to support other aspects of Joy's transformation journey at no cost to Joy.

Through Our Inner Sparks' aspiration development coaching, Joy discovered how her interests, talents, as well as her past volunteering  and other experiences are valuable and relevant to build out her aspiration and career path.  We helped her build up confidence in the wonderful qualities she already has and articulate them in a career relevant manner.  One of the things that really surprised us is how resilient and adaptable Joy really is, despite of her many disadvantage, she is more able than people could ever imagine as a blind person.

Kadine Cooper, who encourages and inspires others to be more honest with themselves while working towards ideal career desires, goals and aspirations, was engaged to audit Joy's resume draft and provide additional tips, information and strategies in cover letter creation. Her expertise was greatly appreciated by Joy and us.

One of Joy's desires is to have professional photos taken on this journey. We engaged Jennifer Lyon of J. Lyon Photography who has been specializing in virtual photo shoots during these times of COVID. A virtual photo shoot with a fully blind person is not an easy ask, but Jennifer rushed to aid. She did an amazing job creating a true photo shooting experience over mobile devices and made specialized settings for Joy to capture her spirit and qualities. The photo shown in this blog was one from this virtual shoot. Joy and Our Inner Sparks are very grateful for Jennifer!

After the pro bono engagement was complete, Joy was so excited about her future and felt very motivated. She offered to give back to Our Inner Sparks and have now become a volunteer to help to support our social media management. We are so happy to have Joy as a part of our team and feel very fortunate to be a part of her transformation journey.

Feel free to connect with Joy on LinkedIn:

Here are links to our amazing partners in this project, feel free to connect with them as well:

Kadine Cooper:
Jennifer Lyon:

Our Inner Sparks dedicate a portion of our profits to social programs. Each business we do with our clients not only benefits them directly, but also indirectly benefits many others in the community. It's always a WIN-WIN...remember, kindness is a great gift, share it and pay it forward!!!

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